About Neighborhood Development Corporation

Our Mission

Neighborhood Development Corporation will sustainably enhance neighborhoods by serving as a catalyst for redevelopment efforts that focus on creating a mix of housing and commercial development through community collaboration.

Our Vision

To provide our community with self-sustaining and prosperous neighborhoods.

Core Values

  • Catalyst – We will identify and engage in projects that ignite community redevelopment.
  • Collaboration – We will create purposeful partnerships to achieve shared outcomes.
  • Revitalize – We will develop and build projects that inspire, rejuvenate, and add vitality.

Our Board

Our Board of Directors is comprised of distinguished individuals from Des Moines, Polk County, the Neighborhood Revitalization Board, and the business community working together to serve the interest of the community.

  • Brian Clark, President – Ryan Companies
  • Chris Johansen, Vice President – City of Des Moines
  • Erin Olson-Douglas, Treasurer – City of Des Moines
  • Bret VandeLune, Secretary – Polk County
  • Bill Gray – City of Des Moines
  • Mel Pins – DNR
  • Anna Squire – Modern Studio
  • Holly Olson – Anawim Housing
  • Jake Lundgren – Knapp Properties
  • Stephanie Preusch – Neighborhood Finance Corporation

Our Staff

  • Abbey Gilroy – Executive Director
  • Joe Sornson – Project Manager
  • Sadie Trytten — Director of Operations